Noë Retail B.V.

Unleash your inner shoe freak with the iconic Noë collection. From stylish stilettos and ankle boots to pretty peep-toes. Très chique or pop-cult. Forget diamonds, Noë’s statement heels are every modern girl’s best friend.

It all started by setting out the design for the perfect pair of heels. Women and fashion editors fell for the fresh, modern twist of our extensive range of colors. And by extensive, we literally mean huge! From sportive with a twist to killer heels in over 88 colors, the Noë collection covers every woman’s taste and desire. We create shoes to last through seasons, because some styles are just timeless. And not just that, every one of these colors represent a personal identity to match your life. From the lipstick you wear on special occasions to that amazing new dress for tonight’s party. Shoes in over 88 colors, high or low, we’ve got you covered. Imagine the possibilities!

Our brand centers around three main premises; lasting and well-considered design, quality-driven production by Italian craftsmanship and premium client services. We’ve been building on our brand by creating the perfect mix between quality, color and the perfect fit. Grown into a global lifestyle brand, and aiming to inspire colorful living through our shoes, handbags, scarves and accessories. Experimenting with how far you can push the modern wardrobe to consider subtle innovations. Our goal is to always create effortlessly elegant footwear in luxurious materials in colors that are every bit of refreshing. So you can wear them like you’ve owned them forever.

And you will.


Sint Amorsplein


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